From the recording I've Got A Crush On HAIM

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"Inspired by the amazing trio/sister group HAIM. I was working on this vocal stack idea when I started this song. It is the main Ostinato throughout the tune. I was listening to a lot of HAIM and the lyrics came pretty naturally. "Don't need nothing, I've got it all.""


I’ve got a crush on haim

I don’t know when
All These things started
I fell apart and

No face down
Didn’t notice
just a slow dance
Before we leavin this place

I've Got a Crush On HAIM

You don’t need nothin
I got it all
You sing a song Ill play guitar
I’m thinking something
Can’t say enough
My summer girl really turns me on
There are islands between us
But that mean that
We don’t feel the same
And if life is believing
I got my dreams and
Slow down slow down

I've Got a Crush On HAIM
I've Got a Crush On HAIM