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Story: For this piece, I was inspired by older periods in music where an instrumentalist would step to the front of the stage while their band mates took a break and command a space for 5-10 minutes. When Jimmy Page took the stage at Royal Albert Hall or Hendrix at Woodstock (Star Spangled Banner). When Miles Davis stood back in approval of a soloist or Coltrane would play before Love Supreme. When Eddie wrote and performed "Eruption" or John Bonham caused an figurative earthquake with his "Moby Dick" solo. These moments and so many others became a cliche in the 80's-90's and was rejected by the grunge movement and later pop and hip-hop genres that tended to focus more on the vocalist/MC. But it's been a long time since then and people are starting to appreciate instrumentalists in a new and exciting way. And all of this interest in platforms like instagram have allowed for new and interesting avenues on peoples instruments; However, we rarely take that out of our bedroom and even with today's master and virtuoso guitarists like, Tosin Abasi or Plini, it is rare or virtually unheard of them to play without a band or track. "GLITCH" is my contemporary expression of that previous tradition. One musician and one moment to suck the air out of the room. Appreciate you and your attention.