Yo I’m a real rebel
Ain’t wasting time if you ain’t on my level
Revel the level that you’re ever in
Before you’re shoveling
Where my love again
6 feet deep if you don’t believe me
Got lessons on repeat
But where’s the receipt
Can’t cash in your chips for more time
Stop being a sheep or bovine
You’re a magical creature don’t forget it
This world may try and stop you but don’t let it
More power than you ever thought kid
Crash the system, accosted
Now I’m running the game bossin
Naw that shit ain’t right
Beat the man to become the man
It’s like every theme to rap today is making money forgot what to say
I’m tired of the same mistakes
ignored the Pharoas fates
building palaces like it’s so damn great
lookin a kinds wondering if they ate
So lie late, nah uh this is shit is wack
True power, Take the power back
Wasted too many hours on Facebook
People can’t cook
Loose a human to a checkbook
It’s like every time I’m driving in la
All that I see is people struggling
Where’s my lovers been, my homie Donald glover man, why did Forrest run again
But it’s the same classic mistake we make
Seem to equate, our rate as of late with the hate we can make, make America great
Cause it ain’t never been
Ain’t no sinless reverend
Yo where’s our heaven been
Can’t make it great, again?

Man I fly faster then a fidget spinner
girls screaming every time that I’m in em
So I’m flicking a thought that can’t be bought legendary, fairly like a hobbit
Sick concepts, with onset’s even when solo I’m mobbin
Even when It’s cold my flows the hottest
No need to be modest imma top this

Yo am I really trippin
Whole rap game missin
It’s about money and pissing contest
No love for history don’t understand context
Lil this, lil that nothing original in the complex,
But I’m complex, gotta bomb flex, no snitch rhombus, ain’t not pain in my Thomas, you keep stacking the commas, imma keep my promise
Fuck this system
Yeah I said it
People disagree and try to discredit
Money bought you out and you let it
Man, rap has so much more to say
But all I hear money money money
Fuck man, you realized that shits what screwed us
Subdued us
Stomped out and chewed us
I just need to see my people do well
I don’t need to see my world out for sale
Don’t need gold toilets or boats that’s sail
That’s shit is stale, a fucking fairytale
I’m about getting food in the mouths
Shoes on the feet culture in our towns
World filled with clowns
But at least we laughin
Try run with me gonna be lappin
Never believe what happened
Real magic be zappin