1. Dear Diary

From the recording JOURNAL ENTRIES


Dear diary
I got a lot to say built up inside me
Dear diary
So of it causing anxiety
Dear diary
But I know what to do what to do
You do what you got to make it through

Dear diary
I’ve got this burning passion inside me
it’s fiery
Dear diary
one spark can ignite me
So light me and let light be
Dear diary

I love my parents and the way they made me
But no matter how I try they can’t really save me
My dad he yells and my mom calls me her baby
Man shit is crazy
Dear diary
My mom took my brother when I was just a kid and called up my dad to tell him I was his
But still I treat you both like your something special
Maybe your not is hard thing for me to wrestle
You always gave me love or at least you spoke it
You say it but your actions don’t show it
Didn’t have food growing up
So you make up for loss times and buy me groceries
Apparently I’m spoiled so away to trash
continue to equate me with things and cash
But weren’t you an activist
What crime is this?
Just trying to be me but when I remanence
I remember fighting just for a chance to be Heard
of all things you taught music isn’t one I learned
I’ve had to work myself It feels like every step I take you take it back
And every time you do my mission lacks
You can’t blame your life on others though
stop praising the actor like it’s the whole show.

for me it’s about Coltrane, Miles Davis
Sartre, Socratic and Lauren Michaels
Traveling the world and spreading inspiration
Like others have for me and I’m trying to thank them
I don’t care about Kickstarter, PayPal or who pays me
Playing music is why the universe has made me
After all the shit that’s how my parents really raised me
And I know they tried their best
And their best was pretty crazy (amazing)
Someday something I write might really be worthy Of your attention
Dear diary