From the recording Just No Time To Die

The "Bond Theme Challenge" _____ 2020

Is a challenge designed for new and established artists to create their own "James Bond" theme in less than one week.

It was inspired after Billie Eilish released her "Bond Theme," "Just No Time To Die," 2020.
The online response was a range from emphatic praise to extreme disagreement. Rather than become involved in either exchange it was my goal to simply write my own.

The competition is geared and motivating and inspiring other artists to do the same and contribute to a beloved franchise that many of us have grown up on.

___ Azuri Moon


Just no time to die:

Here we stand
What’s stated is written on our face
New goals
Traces of the past can’t turn the page
Can run but here we are
Stays the same
What matters is that we try
There’s “just no time to die”

Cold is the trail
That’s finds us all in this place
None can derail
What grabs us all in the end
But still you can find
A moment left behind
Fight against your fate
There’s “just no time to die”

The cannon fodder
Is faded and fragile
It can’t be long
Before the chance has passed
You’ve been here before
And time is changing
The calm before the storm

This can’t be the tale
That’s lends itself to demise
The future will hold,
hold us all for our crimes
Fighting yourself
Your fightings yourself
Fighting is all the cause
They’ll never see you cry
There’s just no